IYC Book Quotes

I’ve made Inspire Your Career required reading for my course. You’ve done a wonderful job of condensing an enormous amount of information into a very accessible format. Thank you so much!
- Suzanne Wilson, Centennial College

"In the increasingly diverse workplace of the twenty-first century, this seminal book provides a treasure trove of practical advice for success. Inspire Your Career is a must read for the leaders for the leaders of today and tomorrow."
- Dr. J. Colin Doods, President, St. Mary's university

"I wished I had this book 20 years ago! Inspire Your Career lays the blueprint for career success. This is an essential reference guide that will help you make the most of your career. Everyone enter the workplace should have it."
- Kate Temby, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs JBWere

"Young people are looking for meaning and happiness to accompany their first paycheque. Inspire Your Career provides career advice designed to help you find more than just material success. Through its empowering and practical lessons, readers will find inspiration as they embark on their careers."
- Marc Kielburger, Co-Founder, Free the Children, Director, Me to We

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