Speaking Testimonials

"I will never forget how you were the one to get me off and running when I was fresh out of school and had no idea what to do with my life. Your mentoring night set into motion the whole chain of events for me, and now I’m in a job that I love, doing work that I really care about."
- Rachel McNamara, Ministry of Government Services

"Ms. Barbato’s mentoring session was refreshing and extremely helpful. I left with a hopeful outlook on my professional goals, and I feel I am more equipped to face the challenges related to becoming a responsible and accomplished professional. Ms. Barbato’s experience and charismatic nature make her an inspiring guide. She empowers us to pursue our goals, whatever they may be, and she gives us the necessary tools to make it happen."
- Valérie Intraligi, President, Intraligi Language Services

"I take this opportunity to convey my heartfelt thanks to you. It was your guidance that shifted my focus towards achieving professional goals, one after another. The mentorship sessions that you gave are still fresh in my mind. I am sure that you will continue to transform my strategic career goals. Again, I am very grateful to you."
- Anshul Goswami, Consultant, CGI

"Trish facilitated a workshop for twenty women. Thanks to her leadership, we were all deeply moved by our discussions. The best part is the fact that these women ranged in ages and career backgrounds and learned so much from one another to catapult their careers. The event exceeded my expectations!"
- Keesha Rosario, Managing Director-Western Division, Smart Watering Systems

"I received a lot of really positive feedback about Trish's session. She hit a lot of good subjects and presented them in a clear, relatable way and people learned a lot. It was awesome all around."
- Rebecca Janovich, Project Management Assistant, Government of Ontario

"Trish Barbato is inspiring, insightful and intelligent. Just reading her website has been helpful, and I would like to learn more."
- Laurie Bodley, Writer/Editer